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3 Ways To Prioritize Nourishing Ingredients Over the Holidays (While Still Enjoying the Seasonal Foods You Love), According to an RD


PSA: All foods can be incorporated into a healthy diet.

Total-overhaul, wildly unrealistic resolutions are a hard launch we can’t get behind—but thoughtful, focused intention setting? That’s where the little changes that add up and help us create (actually sustainable) magic live.

To that end, here at Well+Good we’re facing the metaphorical blank-slate of January and coming at it with strategic support to meet our goals, from the big (treadmill, but make it foldable and small-space-friendly) to the small (it’s time to get a planner, already).

And because nothing sets us into goal gear quite like tracking an upcoming shipment, we’re rounding up all the products that Well+Good staffers are tapping to help us achieve our aims—all of which we snagged from QVC (yes, like the shopping channel, but online).

Curious to see what well-being must-haves are helping us reach our new year’s goals? Keep reading to see what seven Well+Good staffers have to say.

1. Expand my love of the outdoors

Being outside makes me endlessly happy, and in 2024, I want to lean into that. In addition to being more willing to embrace winter weather, I’m committed to becoming a bigger, better indoor plant parent. This cutie trio includes a Bird’s Nest fern, Calathea Peacock plant, and Neanthe Bella palm that’ll bring the energy of the outdoors inside to my cozy work-from-home nook. — Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor

2. Work(out) from home

One thing about me? I want to spend as little time in the gym as humanely possible, which is why my fitness goal for 2024 is to maximize efficiency. Cue: kettlebells. Kettlebell exercises activate muscles from head to toe, making them an obvious choice for optimal efficiency. The best part? I don’t have to leave my apartment. Almost any kettlebell exercise can be done from a yoga mat at home, which is great news during the winter! Added bonus, kettlebells are super cute, as they come in a wide array of colors. — Madison Bolatto, Digital Designer

3. Stay on top of my (and my kids’) schedules

This year, I vow to not be blind-sided by a last-minute scramble to find something for my four year old’s show and tell at school. This daily planner will keep me accountable for the week’s odds and ends, so trying to stay on top of the preschool schedule, my therapy appointments, and dangerous banana shortages doesn’t feel so overwhelming. — Eva Rohan, Senior Director, Content + Strategy

4. Upgrade my cleaning game

One of my goals for 2024 is to up my and my boyfriend’s cleaning game. We both have ADHD and work from home, and because of that, we have to maintain a clean space that allows us to focus on our jobs. Swapping our old vacuum for the Dyson V8 would be a no-brainer: It’s cordless and rechargeable, meaning we can take it from room to room without having to hunt for an electrical socket, and is equipped with detangling technology that keeps hair from getting caught up in the brush bar. It also converts to a hand vacuum, making it easy to pick up couch crumbs and rogue dust bunnies. — Amelia McBride, Editorial Assistant

5. Get my steps in

Working from home in Buffalo, New York is not exactly conducive to getting your daily steps in—especially not during the winter when there could be a foot (or more) of snow on the ground or sub-freezing wind chills on any given day. This winter, I’m investing in my well-being with this foldable, apartment-friendly treadmill that will allow me to go on the podcast-fueled walks I love so much, without having to subject myself to the frosty temperatures. — Erin Flynn, Senior Branded Editor

6. Let myself rest and recover more often

I’m aiming for more balance this year with my wellness goals, and that includes building time into my schedule for rest and recovery. This massager has hot and cold settings to soothe my muscles after hot yoga class or to warm me back up after long walks around the city with my very active dog, June. — Meredith Babb, Branded Video Producer + Strategist

7. Sleep better (and longer)

It’s finally time to let go of my night owl tendencies and start waking up feeling well-rested. This year, I’m investing in my sleep health by enforcing a weekday sleep schedule so I’ll *actually* get the full eight-hours of rest my body needs. To keep myself on track, my bed is getting a major upgrade in the form of these uber-soft, cloud-like cotton sheets that will help me get all the zzzs I need to get through the day without a million cups of coffee. — Maeve McCormick, Assistant Branded Editor

Note: Prices taken at the time of publication and are subject to change.