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This Firming Moisturizer Tackles *5* Different Types of Wrinkles—and Is Currently 30% Off


Cancel your Botox appointment and try this instead.

I’m quickly approaching 44, and I have yet to try Botox. It’s not because I have no wrinkles, because the 11’s and forehead lines have definitely come out to play. Rather, it’s because, up to now, I’ve relied on a host of serums and moisturizers with game-changing, wrinkle-fighting ingredients to minimize the look of said wrinkles.

Always one to look out for the next best skin-care thing—not to mention the best deal—I am currently adding Filorga Time-Filler 5-XP Wrinkle Correction Moisturizing Skin Cream to my Amazon cart. Not only has this French moisturizer already captured the hearts of many a Well+Good reader, but it’s currently only $52 for Prime Day, 30 percent less than usual.

The Filorga Time-Filler Cream is formulated with a host of ingredients meant to target five—count them, five—different types of wrinkles. Tripeptides, collagen boosters, and encapsulated hyaluronic acid work together to diminish the appearance of expression lines, deep wrinkles, surface wrinkles, dryness wrinkles, and neck wrinkles. (Say that five times fast!)

It’s also a favorite of Well+Good contributor Marie Lodi, who said it worked better than other neck creams she’d tried in the past.

“I used the cream every single night for about a week, along with my usual face products (serum and essence) but refrained from using any acids,” she writes. “There wasn’t a noticeable difference in my neck wrinkles. However, the bumpiness on my neck, and especially my chest, improved greatly—which is impressive after only using the product for a week. My neck and chest felt so much softer and smoother, I was shocked.”

What makes the moisturizer so effective is the fact that it’s designed to mimic the results of aesthetic treatments (ahem, Botox). It includes a tripeptide inspired by Botox that works on fine lines, as well as a combination of hyaluronic acid and matrikine peptides to hit deeper wrinkles the way that filler injections do. Additionally, smoothing sea fennel treats surface wrinkles similarly to a peel, and Filorga’s signature NCEF complex and Imperata cylindrica root help to hydrate and plump up “crinkles” caused by skin dryness.

For those thinking about the lines on their neck, Filorga’s got that covered too. The brand was inspired by thread lifts (which help pull loose skin back with temporary stitches), and the formula includes kangaroo paw flower which enhances skin elasticity and boosts collagen and elastin production, and has been shown to have firming properties that work especially well in the neck area.

If you’re as curious about softening, smoothing moisturizer as I am, now’s the perfect time to shop. Add the Filorga Time-Filler 5-XP Wrinkle Correction Moisturizing Skin Cream to your Amazon cart now to take advantage of this limited-time deal.