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In the past, I’ve had great results with a facial serum and undereye product that delivered “quick-lift” results in minutes. I’d never felt I needed a similar product to enhance my lips because they’re fairly full—until I zoomed in on a recent photo and realized my pout has lost volume and gained tiny lines.

That made the timing perfect to try out Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMX Lip Filler ($29), the newest addition to the clinical skincare line’s popular FIRMX lineup. The hydrating lip treatment has a combination of peptides, hyaluronic acid, and oils to fill out, plump, and smooth the appearance of lips both instantly and over time, making it an ideal all-in-one multi-tasker for those (like me) who are seeing signs of aging on the lips, says Sandy Lemmerman, vice president of product development at Peter Thomas Roth.

Peter Thomas Roth, Instant FIRMX Lip Filler — $29.00

  • Works instantly and over time to plump, smooth, and hydrate lips
  • Diminishes signs of visible lip aging
  • Infused with Linefill technology, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate, coconut, and squalene oils
  • No stinging sensation upon application
  • Goes on thick
  • Expensive

“As we age, there is a natural loss or redistribution of facial volume and fat which can be caused by a number of factors including a decrease in collagen production,” says Lemmerman. “Combine this volume loss with the skin being much thinner and more delicate on the lips than on the rest of the body, and tiny lip lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging may begin to appear.”

The PTR cream-to-balm product’s immediate (but temporary) filling and smoothing effects come courtesy of LineFill, a trademarked clinically advanced complex derived from oil-rich sesame seeds, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid “filling spheres,” while the formula’s MaxiLip plumping peptide complex enhances lip volume with continued use. “The formula also has pomegranate, coconut, and squalene oils which nourish lips for a softer, more supple appearance over time,” says Lemmerman.

In clinical testing, 100 percent of users agreed that after five minutes their lips felt soft and less dry, and 91 percent said their lips looked plumper, and lines were smoother. After a week of use, more than 90 percent of testers reported that their lips looked healthier and more rejuvenated than before.

What happened when I tried a lip filler for the first time in a long time

As a beauty writer, I’ve tested plumping lip products in the past—usually only once because the active ingredients that delivered volume-enhancing effects also stung my lips like crazy. (I’m talking to you, bee venom.) However, most of today’s formulas are gentler than in the past—or so I’ve heard—and I was eager to give a go at trying an instant lip plumper for the first time in years.

The product needs to be applied to clean, dry lips and although a bit thick and balm-like at first, within seconds the formula transformed into a sheer, natural-looking glossy finish. It was also only seconds before I felt the telltale tingling, courtesy of peppermint oil in this case. While I braced myself for a stinging sensation, the tingly feeling thankfully never progressed to anything worse and only lasted about 20 minutes.

Within the promised five minutes, my lips felt and appeared more hydrated and much smoother, and there was a reduction in the tiny lines I noticed in my aforementioned photo. While the plumping effect was slight, IMHO that’s a good thing. I want my lips to look full, not like they were attacked by bees.

Although directions say to wait at least three minutes before applying other lip products, my lips looked full and glossy enough that I didn’t really need to—and this is coming from someone who is obsessed with lip gloss. On a recent night out, I decided to wear the product alone and loved the smooth shine my lips had all night, and that the plumping effect easily lasted the promised four hours.

After a week of use, I’ve gained smoother, softer, and more hydrated lips—and these anti-aging benefits combined with quick, nonpainful plumping has definitely given my rejuvenated lips something to smile about.