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The One Skin-Care Ingredient Dermatologists Say You Should Always Wear Under Your Sunscreen for Better Protection


Trust us: It’s worth the extra step.

I’m a parent to a toddler, so I spend a lot of my time on my feet chasing said toddler around. The season has us running everywhere from the park to the pool, which means I need a pair of trustworthy shoes that don’t leave my feet aching at the end of the day (especially since I have flat feet). After going through many a pair of sneakers, I rediscovered a brand once beloved for its sparkly, platform styles in the ’90s: Skechers.

While Skechers still offers a plethora of fun, glittery options for kids, the brand has gone through a design overhaul in the last decade, offering stylish, orthopedic options for grown-ups. Such as the Dynamight Slip-On Sneakers ($65), which I now swear by to get me through long days filled with walking, running, and catching up with my quick-as-lightning toddler.

These sneakers are truly one of the best purchases I have ever made, and as a fitness enthusiast, I’ve worn many sneakers. They’re lightweight, easy to slip on, and comfortable enough to support my flat feet and achy heels after a day of toddler-momming.

What makes these a foot-friendly choice?

The memory foam

The insoles in these slip-on sneakers are made from memory foam, a material made from polyurethane. Memory foam may help comfort and support areas of the feet because it conforms to the shape of your foot. Since I switched from flip flops to these slip-ons, I’ve noticed significantly less aching in my heels after a long day, and I credit the comfortable memory foam.

The heel height

Shoes that are totally flat ~surprise~ aren’t the most supportive for your feet. “Everyone is born with a fat pad at the bottom of their foot–think of that chubby, bottom part of a baby’s foot—but, over time, the overuse of ‘bad’ shoes wears it down,”  Jackie Sutera, DPM, a New York City-based podiatric physician, previously told us. She explained,”So while heels definitely do that to you, it may be more surprising to know that flats and unsupportive sneakers will cause that fat pad to wear down just as quickly.”

Ultimately, that’s why I had to forego the flip flops and seek out a more athletic design—these sneakers have a small 1 ¼-inch heel to help support proper foot alignment and weight distribution. When I’m wearing them, I can feel my arches lifting and not sinking down in the middle—that means less tightness and tension by the time I get home.

Pros and cons

Pro: You can slip them on in seconds.

These sneakers take no time to put on, which makes them just as convenient as my trustee flip-flops.

Pro: They’re super comfortable.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about slip-on sneakers—when I think about them I have memories of the Ked-era flat sneakers that don’t really provide any arch support. Not to mention, those fabrics were heavy and made me feel a bit like I was wearing bricks around my feet.

Thankfully, these slip-ons are the total opposite. The diamond-pattern mesh material is comfortably lightweight and the memory foam insole is just enough to support my arches and heels, which has made a world of difference in my walking game.

Pro: They’re stylish, and there’s one for everyone.

I have the all-black Skechers Dynamights, and what can I say? I love that they go with everything. If I’m headed out to a yoga class, ransacking the grocery store, or attending Mommy and Me at the library, they work. Whether I’m wearing leggings, jeans, or a summer dress, these pair well with everything, giving my uniform a sporty edge.

Con: The memory foam holds heat.

Memory foam tends to hold onto body heat, so you may notice a bit more sweat than usual. Word to the wise: wear socks if you sweat a lot.

Overall, these slip-on sneaks have been a life-saver for me. And at $65 a pop, I can purchase several of them and always be ready for a day of toddler adventures (without wanting to soak my feet in ice at the end of the day).